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Monday, 26 May 2014

May | Mini Primark Haul

So shock horror I have another Primark Haul for you lovely people , Just a little one this time. I took a trip yesterday in Edinburgh as I was attending a spa day and as soon as I am in Edinburgh I know just t head straight to Primark and see what things I can find, I do have one in my home time but it's very limited stock.

So to get started I went straight to their beauty section as I love all their little random pieces , I had heard they sell nail polish and seen it quite a few times in hauls on you tube but never been successful in finding any except fro this little lucky trip! I picked up 2 colours , one a very neon orange ( I think I was delirious when I was thinking I would wear this ) and a pale pink , I have applied the pale pink this morning and was impressed! okay they are not blow away nail polishes but for £1 it definitely worth it , I had to do 3 coats but I don't mind with that as I usually always do that anyway but yes very impressed :) I also got an eyebrow pencil in medium I already own one but it's getting very small so I thought I would get another , I find these brow pencils perfect they have a little spoolie on the end to brush through your brows and the pencil is very creamy , this was £1.50 I think!! i not it was £1 so great value 

Next time was this tote bag \ canvas bag thingy ma bobber! there was no real reason to this purchase just thought it was quite sweet and would be perfect for keeping my junk in! Luckily this came in very handy as when I left the store there was heavy heavy rain and Primark 'lovely paper bags' just fell through and everything was on the floor but I just used this for the rest of my journey unfortunately not really going well with my outfit but when needs must!! 

another little random pick up was the accessory hanger , now being quite honest I have been looking for one for quite a while!! I can't explain how much I hate trying to store necklaces I just can't and this would be absolutely perfect , not more trying to detangle them before I leave the house!! this was only £2 

My last little purchase was my shoes / sandals / i'm not quite sure . I have been spotting these for a while and never really sure if I wanted them , I'm always searching for some open shoes for the summer , there is nothing worse then closed shoes on a warm day and I thought well I'll take them home and pair them with some outfits and if it doesn't work I'll just return! I am yet to do so but I might make a post of the outfits I pair them with when I do!
These were only £8

Well that is it for my little mini Primark haul!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 19 May 2014

Aussie Frizz Miracle | Review

So today I have another product to ramble on about! it's Aussies frizz miracle shampoo & 3 minute miracle frizz remedy.

Since I was a little bambino I have had averagely frizzy hair and I do not like it one bit , I seem to get a very green eyed monster when I see people who dry their hair or spend a day in the sun and get no frizz , so it's always been a battle with products to find things that will help me tame my mane!

Quite a few months ago now I was browsing the shops as usual and I can't quite remember where but (somewhere) were selling 2 Aussie products for £7 which I thought was an amazing deal , I have used a few Aussie products before and always fallen in love with them one being another 3 minute miracle product and a hair protecting spray which I used very sparingly never wanting it to run out!

But I thought why not give these two products a bash! 

Starting with the Frizz miracle shampoo

What is says on the bottle : Our formula with extracts of Australian blue gum leaves helps to control static and frizz giving you smooth luscious hair

Australian blue gum leaves. okay so gum's not something you want to eat in the same sentence as hair , but these little beauties really are special

the leaves are from the Australian Eucalyptus tree which has long been believed to possess soothing properties.

All sounds very interesting! I had never heard of Australian blue gum leaves before this but my god , me and this product are going to become best friends 

I usually leave my shampoo on for about 5 minutes one working up a lather , I must admit that my hair felt quite rough when I removed the shampoo which something I've came across and made me quite nervous for my hair , one MASSIVE plus of this product is the smell , it is absolute heaven!!

I then followed this with the 3 minute miracle frizz remedy deep treatment 

What it says on the bottle : Our unique formula with Aloe Vera and Australian jojoba seed oil will help replenish moisture to your hair reducing frizz , leaving it luscious and shiny . Don't just tame frizz make it sit and bed and roll over . Aloe is well known for its soothing properties and the oil in jojoba seeds which is similar to the oil produced in our skin has been used for centuries to condition.

Well this just made it for me , after my hair feeling really rough and applied this which I kept on for about 10 minutes I couldn't complain about that problem again , it left my hair so smooth.I also think if you left this product on for a lot longer and used a hair turban to keep the heat in the results would be amazing! which I plan to do on a pamper night 

So once I had dried my hair I never used any other of my frizz free products as I wanted it to be a fair review and I would DEFINITELY recommend this.  

Thank you for reading :) :) 

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Monday, 5 May 2014

April makeup haul

So in April I'm sure you have all been very aware of boots 3 for 2 offer on make up , I've managed to pick up a few pieces that I wanted to try out just to mix up my make up bag a little bit as I feel I don't experiment enough for make up , you could say I'm coming out of my make up shell.

In my first little trip to boots I went t pick up some more of the Collection lasting perfection concealer  and thought I should just take advantage of the 3 for 2 , after about half an hour of crowding around busy make up shelves with my other half being dragged I decided just to return to the collection shelf and pick up pieces from here 

First off is the Blush & highlight cream duo I thought I would give this a try as I've always used powder but wanted to give this a shot , I've also never really used highlighter before 
My first impressions of this were it wasn't very pigmented you had to really get a lot of your finger for it to make an impact but the highlighter was very pigmented as just needed  couple of swipes for a good color , but for my first time of using a cream blush and highlighter I was impressed and definitely a bargain 

The next thing I picked up was the Collection work the colour eyebrow kit I've always filled my eyebrows in but before I used the Natural collection solo eyeshadow in Crushed walnut applied with an angled eyebrow brush and then set with a clear mascara which worked well for me but definitely wanted to try something different , When I used this I wasn't taken a back by the result I used the middle color and set it with the clear mascara , I felt that color was far too dark but the one before it was far too light but after a bit of playing round with it I just applied a lot less product to the angled brow brush and it seemed to work but still wasn't the greatest result 

On the same day I went to Primark , I had taken a trip to Edinburgh this day and decided to see if I could find the eye shadow palette that I have wanted for at least 2 months now!! after watching Becca rose Primark haul Which included pieces from the new range of the beauty section and ever since then I've been hunting for the eye shadow palette , I definitely think you need to go to the bigger Primark branches to find this item!

when I first opened it I was very impressed with the color  they really popped out and the range of different combinations you could do with them would be brilliant unfortunately none of them have names but here is a picture of the colors

I started by using the first color in the palette and was a bit unimpressed with the pigmentation now I can't be fussy as it was only £2.50 but I think for a basic eye shadow palette this is perfect!

The next time I went to boots I was in need of a new foundation I have really researched what I was wanting to buy as I have such issues with my foundation I have to pick carefully , after reading up a lotttttttt of review I have come to the decision to try Loreal Paris Infallible 24 hr Foundation I had read that I head amazing coverage and really that is all I look for in a foundation (and the ability to not make me look like an oompa loompa ) and this just ticked off every box , I am having  a bit of trouble with my skin right no and I feel the only downside to this foundation was it really sticks to the dry patches , but I find it easy to blend which I use to do with my Real techniques miracle complexion sponge it does dry quite quickly so you have to be relatively fast about it but all in all I would say this is a perfect high street foundation!

So that it's for my make up haul , I will have other ones to follow some time this week so please follow to keep up :)

Also please comment letting me know what your favorite high street make up product is!

Thanks you for reading :)

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